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Agency Snowboard Bindings

Solidworks and Rhino CAD tools were used to design industry leading snowboard bindings.
Specific duties included research, design, stress and strain analysis, project management, scheduling, costing analysis, manufacturing oversight, factory sourcing, prototype debugging, and development.


ProTec Safety Helmets

Served as Project Manager, Lead Mechanical Design Engineer, and Product Developer.
Handled time-lining, budgeting, and CAD. Assisted with design, failure testing, and structural integrity. Travelled to China for on site development and manufacturing oversight. Handled and managed 40+ safety helmet designs for the bike, skate, water, and snowboard industries.


Vans Snowboard Boots

Several innovative projects were undertaken with Vans Snowboard boots.
A lace lock system was developed as an economical solution that effectively divided the boot into two separate tightening zones. The zonal tightening (cable-lace) system provided a better, more comfortable fit, translating into better performance, while the internal harness design provided added control and comfort.


Disc Replay Machine LLC

The Disc Replay Machine is a scratch removal system for CDs, DVDs, Blue-Ray Disks, etc.

Pearce Engineering created the design from a proposed idea. Some of the services provided include ideation, CAD modeling, proof of concept, part sourcing and prototype debugging.


BOA Lacing Systems

Pearce assisted BOA in designing and developing a new dual cable and multiple zone tightening system.

Expanding their already impressive product line, we were able to bring new ideas to the table while helping to make the product more manufacturable and viable for the consumer market.



Squeeze-It is an innovative device that assists in draining liquids from foods and making them easier to prepare for cooking.

It eliminates messes, saves time and is microwave and dishwasher safe.



Pearce engineering provides services to Icelantic Skis that help support their vision.

A vision of bringing a high-performance and totally unique product to the market that supports the evolution of the skiing industry. In addition, we are helping them with a high tech and innovative binding-related product that is currently patent pending.



Solving the problem of where to place a purse or any other item that you would prefer not to touch the ground at bars, restaurants and cafes...

Pearce Engineering designed a hook that fastens to the end of a bar table, essentially creating a portable fixture that ensures your valuables are within your sight and reach at all times.


Munchie Grip

Designed specifically for snacks and munchies, the goal of the Munchie Grip is to keep hands clean and your party’s munchies germ-free.

Much like salad tongs, the Munchie Grip clasps otherwise very messy food portions. The grip was made to be durable, lightweight and dishwasher friendly.


Smart Case

Spearheaded design production to create a manufacturable product for the iPhone.

The Smart Case takes the most essential needs of any business person and combines them into one convenient package. The product delivers a top of the line design, which utilizes a protective outer case for the iPhone and a secure outer department to carry business cards, credit cards and identification.


Ball Hitch

Handled all aspects of design for specialized illuminated ball hitch light.

Pearce Engineering designed, engineered, and ensured the manufacturability of the ball hitch while keeping manufacturing and design costs to a minimum.


Mobile Maid

Managed all aspects of design and engineering to create a specialized mobile cart designed to combine convenience and mobility.

Mobile Maid provides a solution for homemakers, personal maids or can assist with regular house upkeep by fusing a storage space for cleaning supplies and a cart. This allows for the organization of supplies for easy access with the convenience of mobility.


Door Protector

Spearheaded all design and engineering development to create a preventative device for car owners.

Door Protector was designed to be a detachable, portable device that prevents door dings on customer’s car doors.